Sára Kousková received her full tour card for the Ladies European Tour 2023 in Zbraslav

Sára Kousková dominated the year-long Order of Merit rankings of the second highest European golf competition, the Ladies European Tour Access Series, and in doing so became the first Czech golfer ever to win an award like this.

Although Kousková only took part in half of the 20 tournaments offered in this year’s LETAS, in addition to winning the OoM, she also won the title Rookie of the Year and topped the official Money List. With first place in the LETAS rankings, Kousková secured a full tour card for the Ladies European Tour 2023.

The Czech golfer, who achieved a total of 2,592 points in the OoM rankings, did not take part in the last LETAS tournament near Zaragoza, which would no longer have changed anything about her victory anyway. Second in the rankings was the German Chiara Noja, almost 370 points behind the Czech golfer and Momoka Kobori from New Zealand took third place. Patricia Schmidt from Germany, the Dutch golfer Lauren Holmey and Anna Magnusson from Sweden also secured a full card on the Ladies European Tour.

After joining the ranks of the professionals this year, three victories in Malaga, Jonkoping and Puidoux in particular helped Kousková to achieve her triumphant whole year. In addition to her wins, she celebrated three more podium finishes in ten tournaments and made the cut in each of the tournaments.

“All three wins were a little different, but I appreciate each and every one. I really did take a lot away with me, not only from these tournaments, but also from the other tournaments where I battled until the very last hole to win. I am convinced that even more important than the results themselves was the opportunity for me to gather information and experience. I’m going to want to use this next year when I face off against the best of the best …” says the native of Karlovy Vary. “The schedule for this year’s tournaments was a bit fluid, but my team and I were prepared for several alternatives during the course of the season. The LETAS route proved to be the best choice, although it wasn’t an easy decision to make. The fact that it all worked out with me getting the card and coming out top in the OoM, even though it might have seemed more like a dream than anything else in June, is a huge reward.”

The Czech golfer had the opportunity to accept all of the awards from Ladies European Tour representative Klára Kuchařová this weekend in Prague, at her home club in Zbraslav. “It was an extremely pleasant and very personal experience. I was a bit sorry that I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony in Spain on Friday, but today’s experience was even better if anything. It was one of the most emotional moments in my entire life,” says Kousková, who received messages of congratulations from all over the world. “I really appreciate all the messages I received, and which I am still receiving now. At the same time, I see it as a kind of reward and motivation for the future. It’s a sort of fuel for my “diesel” engine. After all, what could be better than spreading joy among your loved ones and the people who are cheering your on … And it’s all the more valuable when it’s your opponent who is doing it,” laughs Kousková and adds the following as regards her success: “Actually, it hasn’t all really sunk in yet. But considering the fact that next week we’ll already be planning which tournaments we want to take part in next year in the LET, it has put a huge smile on my face. I’m really looking forward to it. We haven’t set any goals yet, but I would definitely like to be somewhere in the top 25 of the LET rankings and break through at one of the majors.”

Kousková’s results this year have also helped her move up the world rankings, where she is now ranked 260th. At the end of May, when she decided to go pro, she was ranked somewhere among the top eight hundred players in the world. Her current position would secure her participation in the Olympic Games in Paris together with Klára Spilková. “Of course, the jump up the rankings is huge. Amateur tournaments didn’t count in the world rankings, so I didn’t really start collecting points until June. And I am also very pleased that we are succeeding in fulfilling the plan leading towards the Olympic Games in Paris. Playing there is a big dream of mine and great motivation for me,” says the 23-year-old golfer, talking about the Olympic Games.

This season is not over yet for Kousková. Thanks to her victory in the LETAS, she received an invitation to take part in the prestigious Australian Open, invitations to the Aramco Series in Jeddah and also to the Ladies European Tour Finals in Spain, where she would have the opportunity of competing with the very best golfers from the old continent are also on the cards. “I don’t want to evaluate the entire season yet, because we have decided to extend it a bit. I am happy to be able to spend the end of the year on the course and play with the best female golfers in the world. I am certain that I will be able to carry over those things which have worked so far all season into the tournaments – consistent play from the tee and on the course. If I add putting to that, I believe I could be successful even among them,” says a smiling Kousková at the end.

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