Sara Kouskova announces her return to the tournament title fight

Sara Kouskova is very close to the Beroun tournament. She is supported by Tipsport, the competition’s title partner, and has played many vital events on the local court. She is already considered a Ladies European Tour regular but still needs a tournament title. However, she can still reach it in Beroun, as a second successful round shot her up to sixth place, just three shots off the lead.

How was today’s round from the player’s point of view? Did everything go well, as the -3 for the round suggests?

“It was a completely different round than yesterday’s up-and-down play; no trouble came. I kept myself cool and in good spirits, which showed in the result.”

A clean round, a return to the top ten, and a possible attack from the back positions. Did the tactical plan work perfectly today?

“It was impossible to plan so much for today. In Beroun, we are not usually used to playing in the wind that was predicted today, so the only plan was to concentrate on every shot and watch those gusts.”

Today’s round went well; how do you keep cool during the rest of the day?

“I don’t have a plan. I’m planning to run to the gym for a bit and am looking forward to grabbing a good coffee.

You said before the tournament that you were ready to play for the top positions. Will Sunday be the day?

“Every time I find myself somewhere up front, I handle the situation better and better. My head is ready, but my body hasn’t got it yet. Maybe one day it will.”