Klára Davidson Spilková ranked in the top 5 in South Africa

Klára Davidson Spilková in the Joburg Tournament Ladies Open The Ladies European Tour series showed another excellent result performed by the Czech player. The best Czech professional in South Africa scored a divided fourth place, Sara Kousková also went through the cut and placed on the split 49 position.

The fourth company of the highest European circuit Ladies European Tour (years) ended today with the first of two South African stops on the Modderfontein Golf Club with a par 73 and a length of 5891 meters.

In Johannesburg, the overall prize money  300,000 euros was played and our golfer Klára Davidson Spilková was also in the fight for the title, who eventually placed fourth in her second tournament of the season.

The best Czech player recorded 71 strokes (-2) in the first round, followed by a 12th place. In the second round she played a great 69 shots (-4) and entered the two-day finals from a split second position.

After completing the third playing day for 70 shots (-3), it was a separate third place and a place in the final flight. From her group she played with 73 blows (E) best, but the overall result of -9 eventually was enough for the fourth place, for which Davidson Spilková collected 11.200 euros.

“In the last round, I wanted to play the best and find the balance between a solid game and the pressure that everyone plays for victory. On Friday and Saturday, however, Putty stopped falling there, and then it became hard to win the tournament, “admits Davidson Spilkova.

“Unlike last year, I found the key to the game right in the begining of the season. It was consistency. After the second tournament we played, I feel very good about the game. The whole week I believed that I could play a good result, and I hope it will be the case within the next week, “adds a double winner of the Ladies European Tournament.

The second best Czech player in the tournament was Sara Kousková, who recorded results for 75, 73, 73 and 76 (total +5). She placed in a split 49th place. And she scored 1.365 euros. For Kouková it is the third mastered cut in three tournaments of its newcomer season for years.

“ This tournament I made quite a lot of mistakes that cost me a better score and of course the location. However, I am satisfied with the fact that it did not give up and I kept fighting. Afterwards, I value the cut I went through even more. I appreciate I had the opportunity to play in the final rounds.”

Source: Tomáš Přikryl (www.cgf.cz)