Who and when will start at the Tipsport Czech Ladies Open?

Fifteen Czech female players, nine professionals, and six amateurs, will play in the first Round of the Tipsport Czech Ladies Open on the Ladies European Tour on Friday, 23rd of June. How will they come out on the Royal Beroun Golf Club course?

The field of 132 female players starts at 7:45 from holes 1 and 10. Miriam Balcarova, an amateur from the Beroun club, will be the first out of the Czech ladies to battle shortly after 8 o’clock. She will be the only domestic player in the morning starting wave, while fourteen Czech golfers have afternoon start times.

They start at 12:35, when amateur Lucie Váchová will tee off on the first hole, followed by one Czech in each of the next six flights. Seven Czech women in succession also emerge from the tenth hole in the afternoon wave, with amateur Dominika Burdova as the first one at 12:57.

At the same time, Sara Kouskova’s flight starts from the number one spot, and her teammates are Slovenia’s Pia Babnik and French Celine Herbin, both two-time tournament winners on the LET. New champion Kristýna Napoleaová, who won the German Masters on Sunday, has three-time tournament winner Meghan McLaren of England and Swiss Kim Metraux in her group.

Defending champion Jana Melichova will have the first drive at 13:30. She will be accompanied by Spanish Ana Pelaez, second in the current Race to Costa del Sol European Ranking, and French Ema Grechi. Right after them starts Klara Spilkova, already a two-time LET champion, who has as teammates, the title expectant the Sweden Johanna Gustavsson and the English Cara Gainer, defeated in the play-off in Germany by Kristyna Napoleova.

O2 TV Sport will broadcast the live streaming  of the 1st Round from 14:00 to 18:00.

Tee times of the Czech players at the Tipsport Czech Ladies Open on 23 June

Hole #1: 8:07 Miriam Balcarová (A), 12:35 Lucie Váchová (A), 12:46 Tereza Melecká, 12:57 Sára Kousková, 13:08 Tereza Koželuhová, 13:19 Kristýna Napoleaová, 13:30 Jana Melichová, 13:41 Klára Davidson Spilková.

Hole #10: 12:57 Dominika Burdová (A), 13:08 Patricie Macková (A), 13:19 Denisa Vodičková (A), 13:30 Natálie Saint Germain (A), 13:41 Eva Koželuhová, 13:52 Šideri Váňová, 14:03 Kateřina Vlašínová.